How to Transfer Credit Card Money to Your Bank Balance

How to Transfer Credit Card Money to Your Bank Balance

Transfer Credit Card Money to Bank Account: It’s the foremost awaited answer to the question of the way to transfer money from my Credit Card to my bank account? during this post, I’m getting to show you ways to try to to that easily.

Formerly, people were using the Paytm app to try to to the transfer but now that feature isn’t accessible on Paytm. meaning you cannot add money to your Paytm wallet using your Credit Card and make the transfer to your bank account .

Instead of Paytm, we are getting to use the new app called “Crepay” which I tested and it effortlessly does the work of sending money from your Credit Card to a bank account.

Yet, I’m getting to share the YouTube video where I’m getting to show you ways are you able to roll in the hay too.

How to Transfer Credit Card Money to Bank Account Without Charges

Sending money to a bank account attract some charges which you would like to pay otherwise it’s impossible to transfer the quantity . The fee charged during this app is extremely pocket friendly. i feel that anyone pays that quantity of charges to form a successful transfer.

If you’ve got some emergency then this amount isn’t getting to be an enormous deal by the way. the complete list of charges consistent with your priority is discussed below. confirm you read before making any transfer.

Transfer Money to the Bank Account from Credit Card

To make use of Instant money transfer you would like to try to to full KYC. If your telephone number is registered with an aadhaar then it’ll be much easier.

Inside the app, you’ll get the subsequent features

  • Bank Account – you’ll add any Indian bank account details to urge the cash transferred using
  • NEFT or IMPS. you’ll also add a replacement beneficiary or remove the old one.
  • IMPS – during this section, you’ll add bank account details for IMPS transfer which can transfer your money simultaneously.
  • History – Check your transaction history here.
  • KYC – Make IMPS transfer after doing the KYC verification process. you’ll not use the IMPS option until you complete the KYC verification process.
  • Feedback – you’ll give valuable feedback on this section. they’re going to improve, update and modify the app consistent with your feedback.
  • Rate us section – Give your ratings on the Google play store and share your experience on the app. If you’ve got any complaints, do write there.
  • Settlement time details – during this section, you’ll get to understand about the settlement time and charges of the transaction. There are 5 options, which are as follows: IMPS, Today, T1, T2, Low.
  • Change security pin options – you’ll change your security PIN anytime by visiting here.
    Change password – If you would like to vary your password, you’ll do so by using the old password.
  • Sign out – you’ll sign off by clicking here.

The Complete Process to Transfer Credit Card Money to Bank Account:

  • Download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Sign up using your name, email mobile number and password or just log in together with your Google account by giving access to your Google account to use your details like name, email id and a few other basic details.
  • You need to line up a 4 digit security PIN, which can assist you log in to the app quickly in future.
    Visit the “To Bank Account” option and add a beneficiary.
  • After completing the KYC verification (the process is mentioned below), you’ll make use of the IMPS choice to transfer your Credit Card money to the bank account instantly.
  • Remember, you would like to feature beneficiaries by visiting the “IMPS” section.
  • After adding the beneficiaries, click on the name of the beneficiary (added by you and it are often your bank account) and choose a purpose like rent payments, education payments, general payments.
  • Select amount and priority (how much quickly you would like the money) like Today, T1, T2, Low. Otherwise, attend the IMPS tab to form an IMPS transfer.
  • Finally, click on the “Pay” option there and choose your preferred Credit Card and make the payment. Done!
Mahammad Sakil Ansari